A hack attack wrecked this site. It was directed at this site in particular; it brought down all the sites on the same server. The actual content—words and pictures and videos—are still in the salvaged database, but the pages and site structure is going to have to be reconstructed from the ground up.

If this were the only website I had to reconstruct, it would already be up and running again. But all of them went down at once. Little by little they are coming back online.

As for Texas Cosplay Photography, I am developing a new vision of what the site will be, rather than reconstructing the old one.

Meanwhile, If you are looking for ideas for cosplay costumes or makeup, check out my Pinterest boards. Feel free to follow and share.

And if you are looking for the portfolios of my cosplay photography, several albums of them are posted on Flickr. There is a different selection on my Tumblr page.

Hope to see you soon,


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